Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Since the holidays are over I've been trying to play catch up.  Just this past Sunday I finally forced myself to take some time out to pack away my Christmas decorations.  December is such a crazy month.  It starts off with my son's birthday on the 2nd and then the craziness just continues on from there and it extends well into the new year.  January is my month to re-group and try to start the year off with the right momentum that I hope to carry out for the rest of the year.  I start thinking about how I'm going to get my life organized.  What I'm going to do better this year over last year.  I start eating healthier and working out and hope and pray I will start to see results sooner than later.  

In saying all that, today was a day to just slow down and take care of my baby since he's not feeling well and myself because I'm feeling a bit under the weather too.  

After checking my emails I was pleasantly surprised (and always amazed how this whole internet and cyber stuff works) a Canadian blog included a pair of my earrings in their post.  You can read the whole post at  http://delightfuldivasinbusiness.blogspot.com/ .  Thank you Ladies for including me in your blog post :0)

Red & Romantic...... {Valentine Etsy Finds}



It makes me happy that people are able to find me and they like what they see.  The earrings can be purchased on my etsy site http://www.loritrenton.etsy.com/ and also at Periwinkle on Bloor (in the Bloor West Village)

Have a great night!